Tips on How to Become an Effective Wedding and Event Planner, Coordinator or Organizer

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Being a wedding and events planner/coordinator is no joke. For the past three years, I’ve been an assistant to one of the experienced wedding and event coordinators in Cagayan de Oro, Tines Bello. How she juggles her full-time job as an accounting officer , a wedding coordinator and a mother is quite amazing.

What I fancy about this line of work is the people you get to work with, from the spoiled bridezilla’s and the pleasant clients who appreciate all the hard work you put in. You get to meet different kinds of people, from all walks of life.

For those who are interested to become a wedding planner or event organizer here are a few tips that can help you along the way:

1. Ask yourself if you really want this job and if you love the idea of dealing with people. Being a high school teacher for 6 years helps me interact with different kinds of people. I never imagined my life involved with clerical work or confined in an office desk the entire work day. This avocation was given to me at the right time and place and I enjoyed it ever since.

2. Attend events and observe details carefully. You may secretly write down notes to get ideas on how these events are done. I always make it a point to attend my friends or relatives’ parties. Just remember not to gate crash! Attend only if you’re invited to.

3. Interview experienced planners, coordinators or organizers. This will help you get insights on styles and ideas. I met with different professionals who are dedicated with the work they are in and most of them are willing to share their experiences. Some will even give you good advise on how to improve your craft.

4. Volunteer to organize your family, relative or friend’s events for free. This will give you a hands-on experience on what to do during events. I coordinated a wedding for my friend, and she was well pleased with the result. It was her most memorable event ever. It wasn’t easy, I had a lot of help from my mentor.

5. Learn from your mistakes. There will always be loopholes and errors in the process. Experience is always the best teacher. Don’t worry about making mistakes, just be able to accept your misgivings and make sure to do better next time. All the events we organized we’re not perfect but we try to be humble and take note of what we lack.

6. Go to bridal and event fairs, seminars or conventions to harness more ideas to enhance your creativity. There are always bright, fresh new ideas on the market and it’s always best to update yourself with the latest trends.

7. Keep a portfolio of your events. Take pictures and document each event that you coordinated or organized. You can even keep a journal and write your experiences. We always bring our own camera in every event to show our future clients our work.

8. Always do your research. Surf the net or buy bridal magazines for more ideas. There are tons of information out there. We already have a good collection of magazines. We are also able to show our clients the magazines to give them ideas for their event.

9. Establish a connection with event suppliers or vendors. Collect calling cards, phone numbers, email addresses so that you can contact them anytime. Be sure to maintain friendly, professional relationship with them. Avoid gossip and stay away from intrigues that would ruin your reputation. Always praise and thank the suppliers for the work they have done. A note, email, text message to let them them know they are appreciated would give you more referrals from them someday.

10. Be honest and gentle enough to tell your client the truth. Tell him or her honestly if her choices are not good or if her choices are not suited for the event. If something goes wrong that you can’t handle tell your client in a way that would not ruin the mood. Just don’t insist if the client feels strongly about his/her own choices. It’s their event so there’s no use to argue.

11. Handle difficult situations calmly. Never panic or show your client that you are not in control. One time our florist didn’t come on time, we made sure that we maintain a relaxed atmosphere to let the bride know that everything will be all right.

12. Establish a friendly relationship with your client. Treat your clients as if they are your close friends or family. This kind of trait would show them that you would do your very best for them. Update them with the latest developments and be reasonable with financial matters. Our company makes sure that we stick to the budget because we know that money doesn’t grow on trees.

13. Always have a plan B if the first choice will not work out. There will always be harassments along the way and you can’t prevent these from happening. One time at a wedding we coordinated, the photographer didn’t show up, but we had another photographer on call to cover the event. We made sure we informed the clients and assured them that their wedding will be well documented and the event went on according to plan.

14. Thank your client for the opportunity. Be grateful for the trust and confidence they gave you. Send them a note, email, call or text message of thanks. There are clients who became our closest friends after the event and even gave us more referrals.

These are the insights I learned that helped me and our company through the years. There may be more insights from other event planners and organizers so stock up more knowledge to hone your skills. So do your best, gain experience and exercise your God-given talent because you will earn the success that you always dreamed of one day. 🙂

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